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I appreciate your help and respect your privacy and property.
I appreciate all respecting my and others' privacy and property too. All rights reserved.
You may access my website as permitted by law, except if you are wrongful.

International, National, and Local Laws, and these Terms and Privacy have been and are in effect as my websites, since 2016 only this one, is accessed. At least some international foundational norms have been and are in effect, too. I have and do work with humanitarian, not-for-profit intent as a woman utilizing the internet. All links to my websites have been made without my endorsement. On an ongoing basis, I bestow my public website to my and my husband's gifted son, Nathan. Nate has not wanted to interfere in any way, other than giving me time. In all fairness, I am free to delete my good work for all. Opinions expressed are mine.

I have shown several extra [on some of my webpages] weblinks since my official offering on December Solstice 2006 without theirs, or my, or my family's endorsement. Legally, my son and I are not in any way to be held responsible or liable for any loss or damage, or to be undesireably affected by, any individual(s) or thing, including, but not limited to, any cause of action resulting from any accessing of my websites or any external website. I intend no harm. Minimal non-personally identifiable data has been and is collected; adjust your settings. Thank you.

My son and I are grateful for the "father of the internet" Vinton Cerf. I hope you can learn more about him on Cerf

Most sincerely,

Lauren, aka "sarg"?
Creator & Owner of all content and portfolio provided since October 2006, excluding two images from the public domain as noted, one image formerly shown with permission from NASA as noted, 10 formerly shown from the public domain, and one image formerly shown with permission from my son. Some content and portfolio I created years before 2006. Perhaps you are one who may have seen some illegally published by another individual on the web.

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